Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why we have a scarcity for IT sales and marketing personnel

In Sri Lanka almost all the IT companies, which have their Sales and Marketing arms locally, face a huge challenge to find competent and experienced personnel to do the job. Almost everyone in business agrees about this scarcity but they disagree on the reason for it. 

Some tell me that its because there isn't the right type of education for this, others tell me that although IT industry has grown most of them are foreign based companies thus having those activities abroad hence not churning out resources with these competencies at the rate they churn technical people. I am not sure whether they are the main factors. I think I see a larger problem. Let me try to put this issue into perspective here.

I was just trying to reflect and think what are the factors which had made me less willing to get into marketing or Sales. In the mother language class I cannot still remember a day in which I was asked to speak about myself, where as the English class was the only exception where we had "myself" as a topic. As children we were taught at the religion class that "ஆணவம்" ,I guess its pride in English, was an evil thing. We were told by everyone around that trumpeting about ones own self or something that you own is bad. At least I as a kid or even while being at the university was under the impression when thing is of good quality that there is no need of Sales or marketing, so always expected the marketing to happen by itself. It was only after a certain amount of education that I got to know even viral marketing should be triggered. Further to this, I had also observed that kids who had been abroad are more confident when it comes to speaking about them self or something they own. 

So looking at the above facts it makes me feel that the natural instinct of a good Sales or Marketeer are killed off at the bud and no longer part of our DNA. 

PS: I wish I am proven wrong by a new crop of youngsters who get into this and prove themselves. 


  1. Interesting perspective.

    I'd like to add that Sri Lankans are poor sales people in any regard. Go to a retail shop and they treat you like dirt. I think this culture applies to technical professionals as well. I once encountered an engineering graduate in sales who wanted a website created by me. After going above and beyond the call of duty he was so rude to me that I said forget it. Now my approach is more like this:

  2. lol...that's a good attitude i guess