Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meeting the Lions

Four months ago on a Saturday morning we scanned the Nairobi National park and couldn't get a sighting of a Lion, at a distance we saw a a lion like walk but in an effort to get nearer, we lost track of it. We returned disappointed without being able to see it.

Today I got a a second chance, this time it was a trip to Nakuru National Park. The objective was again to see the Zimba in wild! I vowed that if I do not see it today I will declare that Kenya doesn't have Lions. Kenya didn't obviously want its reputation dented ;) But for the first 3 hours of the journey the writing seemed to be on the wall. No lions and other visitors also hasn't seen the lions on the day.

We lost hope and were returning to have a peak from the cliff. All of a sudden we notice a car signaling to us, we approached it and they indicate to us that the Zimba is here! Rest is history we were at close proximity intruding the privacy of a Lion and Lioness while they made love!

See the pictures which would tell the story!






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