Friday, August 5, 2011

Light house story - where I stole from

I am currently reading the book called as "who will cry when I die" by Robin Sharma. I started to read it last Sunday while returning to Colombo. I haven't finished reading it but I can see it has given some new energy and impacted on my life! I read this book at 5.30 on Sunday evening and the effects starts by 5.45 AM the next day. I woke up in the morning like never before and all of a sudden was on the road taking a morning walk.Who Will Cry When You Die?

Now it has become a routine, for me to set off in the morning and sit by the beach all alone and admire the beauty of the sea, while recounting and reflecting! All of a sudden I have more time to my life and more energy each day! Anyway I am a bit worried how this habit will be kept when I start travelling next week :(

Second benefit that got out of this book is at today's strategy meeting, we wanted to tell a story as an ice breaker and set the tone for a pitch. Then I remembered the lighthouse story from the book which emphasized the need to be focus on the priorities. So as usual I banked on borrowed knowledge and used it and really enjoyed using it!

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