Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Naming the two things that had got cheaper over time

Usually businesses face the dilemma where quality and cost move in the same direction. So when something is cheap usually its considered as a thing of inferior quality. Secondly in our economy you find prices of every commodity increasing with time. Take gas, clothing, food etc everything has one way traffic and it never looks back but keeps on ascending.

In Sri Lanka there are only two things that I had observed to get cheaper and also at the same time get better in quality. The first commodity is of course the mobile tariffs, over the years they had been decreasing in price while increasing their quality of service. This is a world wide phenomenon in which the margins had got thinner and the competition has increased.

The second one is surprise factor the popular veg restaurant in Colombo has slashed the price of a packet of lunch from Rs 120 to Rs 100 at the same time making the quality of food better and had started serving luxury items like Cadju and cauliflower as curries. If you are in Colombo you need to pay a visit to it and have a serving. There are few bloggers who are carrying out mud campaign against this place, but do not take their word on this :P  click here to read vimal's side of the story

You know I cannot write bad things about the place because I learnt at school,
"உப்பிட்டவரை உள்ளளவும் நினை "
which when directly translated says "remember the person who gave you salt"
Find A1 on the map marked in blue marker.

View 6.923756, 79.850006 in a larger map

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