Sunday, August 7, 2011

Who has put us on the Map

We were waiting to board the air craft to be told that our seats had been upgraded to business class. Who wouldn't take a bit more luxury. Last time I got an upgrade I got to meet the Pakistan cricket team, but this time it was just normal. Nothing eventful than a better place to sleep and a larger screen in front.

Then I arrived at Dubai for the transit, as usual picked the sport360 paper to read and what I saw on cover was a full page picture of Dilshan leaping for joy after scoring a century. I was suprised to see a Sri Lankan thing to be making such headline news in a non test nations sports paper. It was indeed nice to see this.

When reflecting I remembered that last time I was in transit the same paper had a huge middle page potrait of Shahid Afridi after he has master minded the win against Sri Lanka at the world cup. The news of Pakistan beating Sri Lanka took up one third of the paper with even a timeline showing how it happened with pictures. I could understand Pakistan making such news in Dubai, but then how come a Sri Lankan match is in limelight. Only pointer that I could pick was it was to more do with being anti australian in cricket than to do with supporting Sri Lanka.

Anyway one thing that cannot be denied is that two things that has put Sri Lanka on the map is Cricket and Tea. There is a third one on the way you, would know it soon ;) air hostess is worried that I am using an electronic device when its about to take off so, that's it for today. I will tell about the third thing later :P
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