Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All happens for good

"எல்லாம் நன்மைக்கே "
is a Tamil term which when directly translated would read as "Everything happens for good". 

I used to think that its the epitome of positive thinking and at times that its ridiculous. In the recent past I had become a firm believer of this and now try to practice it as a philosophy. Even in the darkest of clouds when you think through you can find a silver lining, even the worst of tragedy can lead to an opportunity, hope is the main thing that keeps us alive and kicking and if not for the positive thinking a hope less life will be empty. Remember it can always be a blessing in disguise! 

Past is past, only thing that can be fixed is the future so just assume and believe it happened for good and look at the future with hope!  Oops I am out of my mind,  trying to sound very philosophical today. I will stop with this or it would be an advice over load. LOL

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