Sunday, September 25, 2011

Death by Meeting

Right from the day I started work on of the words that I hated was the term "meeting". I used to think when someone calls up for meetings very often, that the dude is a bit too free on those days and pray that he would get enough work so that he wouldn't bother to call up for meetings. But you know god is too busy counting the tears of women and seldom listen to mine! ;)

The meetings of personal, internal or external in nature normally end up being like a soup where long term (strategic) and short term( tactical ) issues are all mixed up and I for one would walk away all drained and with more questions than answers. In this sort of context I came across a book called as "Death by meeting", the name itself said that this is the book for me! You know people want hear what they like to hear and I was no exception, the name implied that the book is going to be a good tool which would give me more ammunition to my argument of "not another meeting please!"

Reading this was a great experience! Each problem that's described in their I had lived through at some instance or the other. Whats in the book is not rocket science but it highlights our day to day paradox and gives a framework to solve it. I wish I can buy a copy to everyone who runs meetings and make them read it.

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