Friday, September 2, 2011

Did I miss anything?

My longest stint up to date, in a single country outside my place of birth comes to an end today. I was trying to think whether if I missed anything during this period. First of all I think I was all at peace and I personally got the time to do a lot of work by myself. Adding to that I spent less time commuting from place to place, my days were centered around, work, sleep, cooking, meetings, learning and of course the weekly bonus of SAFARIs! Altogether it has been a perfect package.

Now this makes me wonder whether if I really missed anything, few people asked whether I missed them, answer is pretty obvious - its a pretty big NO.

Probably I missed my early morning walks, probably I missed the weekends in which I sit and read for hours, probably I missed the cooling off time in Kandy. Ok, I will stop beating around the bush, I think I missed my amma's food more than anything else :( I will sign off to go and catch the flight back home and leave you all with the picture that sums up the life over here.


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