Saturday, September 3, 2011

The mystery of my profession

Today I was seated next to a 'know it all' type of dude when flying back home. He had this long list of questions and while I just was interested in watching the African Cats movie on the in flight entertainment system. Seriously he was irritating.

Here are the best parts of the conversation,

Ithalien nedda? ( you are returning from Italy right? ) I replied, Nae ( No ). He asked, kohenda ennae? ( Where are you returning from ), Kenya. Malu business nae karannae? ( You are doing fish business right? ) I was like No..but. yeah sort of. He exclaimed "mama danagatha!" ( I knew it! ) From here on it was a joy ride.

He asked, how long did you stay there? I just without thinking too much replied "almost four weeks" He asked why so long, I replied, the manager was supposed to come and take over, but he got chicken pox so I had to stay a bit longer.

He asked, what do you exactly do? I replied, at times have to do different things like take future orders, check the once being delivered, etc....but I don't go fishing now.

Air hostess came in and asked, excuse me Sayanthan, did you order vegetarian food? I replied "yes". Thankfully the guy stopped asking anymore questions.

Lieing is bad, I know, but when a stranger is too annoying I couldn't help it or rather I couldn't stop helping his imagination.

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  1. you shouldn't lie to people, especially single serving friends

  2. I pity the fool who hasn't watched fight club.