Monday, September 12, 2011

Campaign to discipline

On certain days I take an early morning walk along the beach, walking while the breeze pushes you and then spending a few minutes in contemplation while starring at the horizon is a blissful feeling. I can hear those friends of mine, who are screaming - "Dude you  are an introvert" ;)

But the issue is not about the walk or starring, it about the issue which irritates me each time I take this walk. While I am amazed at the gift mother nature has given to us in the form of the beautiful beaches, what hurts me is the stupidity with  which we destroy them. If you observe around any seat on the strip of beach between Bambalapitiya and Wellawatta you would be surprised to see the amount polythene, food items and at times even syringes strewn around it. It hurts so much, I at times feel like wearing a glove myself and picking what ever I can and put it aside.

Beaches are not something that every country is blessed with, but since we have it we take it for granted. We don't see the value of it. Most importantly we as Sri Lankan's lack discipline.  We would beat our chests and call our selves patriots or would boil up when something is said about our race or religion, we would be up in arms saying that westerners are all out to destroy us, but in reality we have self inflicted wounds due to our lack of discipline.

If you have an inch of concern for your own place of living do your little bit to keep it clean, you can put your dirt in a dust bin, teach the children to do it and most importantly do it ourselves. Practice this at least in places which are ultimate gifts of mother nature, which other countrymen dream of and yearn for at least as a once in a life time visiting place.

I see an importance for a campaign - not the once which are done as a fashion on a one off day or a politically motivated one. This can be a starting point to infuse discipline in to the minds of people. Ideas on this our welcome. I will do what ever little I can do to help this.