Monday, September 26, 2011

Superstition - Its all in the mind

When I was a kid I was very superstitious, seeing a particular type of bird had different interpretations. As per my interpretation seeing a lone black and white bird of that certain type meant it was to be a sorrowful day and any other number meant it was a joyful day. When I set off in the morning I would love to see the sight of the milk man but would hate to see certain other people. People used to tell that if a cat crosses you its a bad omen and I believed it, then a couple of times the days on which cat crossed me it turn out to be successful days and then I started to believe the reverse, so I wished the cat would cross me on every important day.

Still one thing I am finding it hard to change. Wonder whether if its a superstition. I have now worked in Colombo for more than 4 years but I never has had a hair cut in Colombo. Without much thought I still make sure that I go to Kandy and go to the same salon to get the hair cut. I just thought a few times to change from this pattern but the head says yes but the heart says no. I think that's the last superstition I am left with.

It took me a long time to understood the irony behind my superstitions and tried and still trying my level best to come out of it. Now I think I am almost out of superstitious beliefs, now I know that its all in the mind. Now I understand that, if I believe that a certain event is bad it will definitely play into my mind and screw my day. So as I said before its all in the mind!

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