Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Killing in the name of god

As a Hindu I feel shamed at the sight of seeing animal sacrifice being practiced under the hood of Hinduism. Last year when I saw the pictures of how the slaughter was being done I cringed in shame. From the little I know about Hinduism one of the sects, called Shaktham, has a tradition of such practice but sacrifice as long as I know is not in vedas (but even if a line in Veda is to be interpreted as sacrifice the concept goes against the larger understanding of the religion), but since its an old religion we have a situation where a common man cannot make out which part is religion and which part is culture.

We are at a position where stupendous stupidities in the form of superstitions get passed from one generation to the other and these foolish cultures and traditions are portrayed as Hinduism. By doing this, these idiots are doing harm and nothing good to either themselves or the religion. Hinduism, for me, is the religion which promotes ahimsa and respect for all life, it promotes but doesn't force the concept of vegetarianism. Its a classic oxymoron of these 'followers' who tries to interpret the same religion to be promoting vegetarianism on one hand and then speaks about sacrifice. It doesn't make sense or logic. For goodness sake I beg from these people to stop perverting the name of the religion. As a start For GODS' sake, ban all animal abuse activities happening at places of worship.