Friday, November 25, 2011

Yarl IT Hub - Our Vision

We had grown up, studied and used things produced by the entrepreneurs from the Silicon Valley. If Information technology was a religion, silicon valley is the mecca for innovators and IT entreapreneurs. It has produced men who had transformed lives and "left a dent on the world"! Interestingly what's happening there is not an overnight phenomenon or an accident. Its been a hard journey, where generations had contributed and todays generation proudly "stands on the shoulders of the giants".

For the initial trail blazers, it was only passion which drove them in to it. At a time when they were working on devices, which they believed that they could change the world, others ridiculed them. But importantly they had some 'insane' people who believed in such super normal dreams and willing to take a chance and allowed the young ones to experiment. Such an environment with freedom, encouragement, inspiration and recognition has turned out to be an excellent incubator for IT power houses of our times.
We have our own choices, either all these people who are willing to "stay foolish and stay hungry" are willing to migrate to Silicon Valley and try to experiment there or continue to sit at a distance and keep on gazing at Silicon valley with a dropping jaw till we meet our maker or try to create a conducive environment of our own by design.

A few friends in IT, who has our roots in Jaffna had decided that we want to take the third route and not going to meet the maker without trying to create such an environment by design! Our vision is very clear - we want to make Jaffna the next Silicon Valley. For those who think its too ambitious - we haven't tried and given it a chance, hence we cannot conclude. Let's try and then see whether if its too ambitious or not.

The next question I had been asked is why Jaffna - the war torn land which is licking its old wounds and struggling to stand? That will be in my next post!

Keep on reading here, I will post more details of how we are planning to pursue our collective dream and how you could also be part of this dream!

"If those who think to achieve,
Have a firm and focused mind,
They will realize what they thought of.
And even as they have thought of".

~ Thirukkural

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