Sunday, November 27, 2011

After all, why Jaffna?

For centuries knowledge and education had been the crown jewels of the people of Yarlpanam. From the days of being the patrons of Tamil literature, to the times of Arumuga Navalar during which, him and the American missionaries competed against each other in a race to foster education and even extending to the times during the height of the war studying on 'kuppi vilakku' they had always shown the unconditional thirst for knowledge. Despite all what it had gone through, luckily the societies value for knowledge still remains unchanged.

During the last three decades circumspectly Jaffna hasn't been able to directly join and contribute in the IT revolution that was happening in the world outside of it. Although sons and daughters of its soil who had migrated else where had joined in and contributed to it in their own right. Unfortunately these contributions had been in silos and the region doesn't have an identity of its own in the global IT market space.

The absence of war had given the people living in Jaffna an opportunity to reconnect and experience the changes that has happened elsewhere. They now have a chance to really use the things that they had visualized by reading on magazines and text books during the times of conflict.

We at Yarl IT Hub believe that the basic ingredient needed to become an IT power house is already there in Jaffna - That is the raw passion and thirst for knowledge. Also we believe that scattered through out the globe there are enough people with roots from Jaffna who have the experience and knowledge to contribute towards this endeavor of preparing and creating the IT incubator and the brand Yarl! We request these experts to join with us on this endeavor!

Who and How you can Join?!

We humbly request you to give the most valued possession you have for this cause- that's your precious time and mind share. Money can "come and go" but its the knowledge that can always be there and help in this quest to make "Yarl the next Sillicon Valley". We welcome all those who would like to volunteer for this cause and contribute, remember that due to technology you can contribute to this irrespective of your geographic location! You can also come from any background, be it a Student, IT expert, marketeer, media person , Doctor, etc as long as you are an IT enthusiast you can join on this - Its a community initiative for the community by the community - Simple as that! Currently we have a small online community formulating the plans and events. We would soon reveal the details. Till then if you are interested and ready to invest your time on this. Please do drop a line to us or if you want to silently watch us perform - follow us at

The follies which a man regrets most in his life, 
are those which he didn't commit when he had the opportunity.

On my next post I will write about the Values that Yarl IT Hub has been formed with and will ALWAYS continue to have.

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