Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pretenders on web

The web is full of pretenders. Two of the best type of pretenders who never cease to provide humor to the reader are the Tamils who try to pretend to show them off as Sinhalese or Sinhalese who try to show themselves as Tamils. Both sides try their best to write with a pseudonym from the other community and they usually fail at some point.

Pitfalls of Tamils who try to pretend like a Sinhalese on the web
- A lot of them name them spell Sinhala as Singala or Singalese
- Spell chinthanya as sinthanaya, write Wellawatte as Wellavathai etc....

Pitfalls of Sinhalese who try to pretend like a Tamil
- In Tamil there are many dialects, so usually when they write they mix up the dialects
- Forgets the N at the end of Tamil names
- Use the term Yaapanaya instead of Yaalpaanam etc...

So next time you want to pretend please spend some more time and try to do a better job, Good luck!

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