Thursday, November 24, 2011


The power of internet is unprecedented - starting from the Egyptian revolution to the silly home made youtube videos - internet and its users has had the power to make them global phenomenons. The latest addition to something going Viral is the Why this Koleveri Song, First when I watched I did find it interesting and listened it a few times. At that time It had less than 20K hits, but still I didnt realize that it would go viral within the next few days. Today when I checked it has over three million views and that's within a week!

Its graph representation of view clearly shows how exponential growth happens when something goes viral on the internet.

 source : youtube

When compared to a all time youtube hit - Battle of the Kruger graph.

source: youtube

It will be interesting to see. How this will progress when this video matures - How long can it sustain the momentum!

It was just out of curiosity I am going to watch this graph. Since unlike the battle of the Kruger - This song is an Indian Song and reach might be limited - But interestingly one factor which had contributed to the cult like status of this song is the over whelming use of English or rather  'Tamilification' of English words, hence has had the power of reaching to a broader audience.

I will do my little part to contribute to the viral effect by posting it here, enjoy Kolaveri!


  1. There is a news segment about this song ins BBC Tamilosai (Yes, my father put volume very high!!), the song is gonna be played on MTV after the youtube hit. Dhanush was interviewed and he was giving a statement like talk about the song, praising the global appeal blah blah ..

    And yes I contributed to this viral too in last week viyaala maatram soon after the song got released. Certainly didn't expect this hit!!

  2. I seriously don't get why this song is getting famous but it is. Today it touched 5M

    The most watched you tube video has 588,935,560 views

  3. hahaha..ela payangalinathum heart beat am - this song ;)

  4. I succumbed and listened to it last night.. Tanglish... and simple Bruno Mars style... made on the move, brushstroke magic of a souped male and impromptu caught on camera romance... all that is what makes it great apart from the beat... ! But to the generation that thought George Harrison was God's next best, this 'lime in the coconut' is perplexing.. but we bow to the insane viral fame of the internet and social networking.... Here comes Everybody and Kolaveri ;) Good for em !