Sunday, November 20, 2011

The penchant to wait till the last moment

While at the university irrespective of whether if its to study for an exam, a tutorial submission, assignment submission or a presentation I had this habit of waiting till the last moment, Then fight a great battle in the eleventh hour and get it done. I had observed that this is a shared habit mostly among guys. As per common sense we should cringe and be ashamed of this, but ironically in reality  its an identity most guys (including me) are very proud of. We almost view it just a few notches below the medal of gallantry!

When asked, we would boast about how little time we spent on it! Its like one of those dark secrets deep within us, externally we are proud, but deep within somewhere in a corner a little genie within us would tell us, next time let me not wait till the last moment. When studying for the next day's exams, I used to tell myself - next time I am going to start from day one and not cramp and suffer like this. But, its one of those thoughts that comes across on the eve of each exam.

Now I am quiet old ;) No longer doing exams but the old habits doesn't seem to go off.  Classic example is the times at which I make my blog post of the day. Given below is the scatter plot for the month of October.

My blog posting times for the Month of October
It gives an Average posting time of 9.48 PM
Median of 10.02 PM

Obviously even on this self - challenge I wait till the eleventh hour to do this. :(

Let me try to break this pattern. I know its not going to be easy. But let me try!

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