Friday, November 18, 2011

Lesson on Managing Supply from wadei seller

In the train I heard a familiar voice announcing, "katata sarata rahata miris ekka ulundhu wadei". He is the same guy who inspired me to write a post on sales skill. Whenever he is around I pass a glance to see what he is up to.

Today he said he has only 6 wadei left. So people hurried to get it from him. He announced one more left and then he said, sorry sir both of you asked at the same time, but unfortunately I have only one left, so let me give it to one of you. So he gave it to the guy who passed him the money first.

Then he said to other person, wait sir I will check whether I can get some more wadei. He pulled out his phone and said

"Princey, do you have wadei?"

"The train is pulling out from allawa, I will reach polgahawela in 15 mins, please bring it to the last second class compartment"

So I kept watching out of curiosity what was happening. Train stopped at polgahawela and there stays a lady with the supply of wadei and passed it to him, he was happily selling his new stock.

I was left a bit puzzled by this, either he has a very efficient supply chain, who can pass stock in such short time ( he might at that rate, can give a good run for the Japanese) or he was shrewd enough to limit the stocks and create an artificial demand ( if he has done that he might be able to rival the diamond and oil industries). Irrespective of the option it was, it just confirms that he is a shrewd businessmen.

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