Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Saved by the bell

Its almost been 210 days since I vowed to make a daily blog post for 365 days. When I started, I expected to fail due to any of the following reasons including travel, work, lethargy, sickness etc.

Little did I think I would have a serious threat from technology. But today I realized that technology is the major factor which would stand between me and the 365 target.

I came home and tried to switch on the machine and connect to internet. The 'good' people at the service provider had disconnected my service. So I tried my plan B, my blackberry, it didn't start and I couldn't switch it on. I felt helpless almost similar to the withdrawal symptoms a drug addict would have when out of supply. I tried to remove the battery five times, tried switching on the device about 50 times. Then when I was almost willing to accept that I had been defeated by technology, my blackberry by itself started to work. So today here I am happily writing my blog after being saved by the bell or rather blackberry. At least I can sleep peacefully, because I managed to make a fake post to keep my word, but I do hear a few voices saying "son you are fooling yourself"!.

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