Saturday, November 5, 2011

To Sir, with Love

If I am not mistaken the first English movie I watched was "To Sir, with love". Having access to watch movies was one of the hidden benefits of obtaining British Council membership. So one day I made up my mind to go and ask the librarian whether I can also make a reservation to come and watch a movie there, she happily obliged and gave me an appointment. I was supposed to choose the movie, at that point of time I only knew that Charlie Chaplain, so I was about to book for a Charlie Chaplain movie, but then the friendly librarian told me to watch " To Sir, with Love". I didn't want to disappoint her, I was more than happy to get a chance to watch any movie. So the reservation was made and I turned up at the library on time to watch the movie.

It turned out to be a wonderful movie, watching it while being at school was making it even better. At that time itself it was a movie taken 25 years before, but it was interesting. After years today I bumped in to the movie on youtube when I was browsing randomly. I watched the full movie again. I was sure it was an evergreen movie and I couldn't help thinking how many similar movies had it managed to inspire! Everything needs inspiration!

I would definitely rank it as an ever green classic!  


  1. I borrowed that movie from the British Council too... and that was ... oh... a good 15 years ago! It's a lovely movie, the sort that makes you laugh and cry. Definitely evergreen!

  2. your post brought back some wonderful memories all attached on VHS media.
    Also watch Guess Who's coming to Dinner (1967) starring Sidney Poitier. another great one.

  3. @angel true it makes you laugh and cry!

    @wtb I need to get hold of who's coming for dinner and watch it