Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Busy like a bee

We falsely live under the notion of being busy to be an attribute of being important. The easiest excuse we tell people is that "I am busy". Its one of the easiest ways to exit from things. But its far from the truth. First we use this as a tool to fool others and later we fall pray to our own trap. After observing this for sometime, now I have realized that this can be attributed to two  things.

Firstly, when people genuinely realize that something is really important but keep on regretting that "I am too busy hence I cannot learn something or do something". I hear it as if they are saying "I am hit by the procrastination bug".

Secondly, when some others say that "I am too busy, so cannot do it" I hear it as "That's not my priority"

A classic example from my personal experience was that I badly wanted to visit the dentist for about three months, but kept on blaming it on being busy and couldn't find time to go. Then one day in the middle of the night I got a toothache and all of a sudden I am no longer busy and the first thing in the morning I am seated on the dentist's chair! Now suddenly I got all the time in the world to do this and then attend to the other work!


  1. Classic!

    I kinda stopped saying I am busy for last couple of years ... its annoying when others tell that to me ..

    Let's call ourselves ignorant and lazy for not doing the things we intended . lets not blame being busy .. everybody spending 24 hours a day, not only the busy bee! So for my (our) perspective .. either everybody is busy or everybody is not busy .. simple as that!