Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Staring at screens

Today while commuting in the MRT I just realized how predictable and monotonous we had become. If you take a typical day of a person in IT we stare at big screen for at least 5-7 hours per day. Then in case if you are in to watching TV then you would spend another 2 hours staring at another type of screen. Adding to this, even when commuting we stare at the smaller forms of electronic screens. If this total is added up - That's
more than 50% of a days quota and more than 75% of an effective day.

Staying connected and staring at screens gives us a falls sense of importance and completeness. When over done we miss to see what's around, we even miss to admire the beauty of the nature - thinking that all such things can be experienced through a 14 inch screen and at times even smaller ones.

I had realized and also heard others say that good ideas come in when you are not pre-occupied with some crap on the screen. But when you are relaxing, sleeping, contemplating, hiking, walking or in a state of solitude away from devices! So I am off now to take a nap instead of staring at the screen ;) Out of jokes - I guess this balance is pretty important.

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