Monday, November 21, 2011

Greatness lies in sustaining

While Murali was playing a youngster by the name of Ajantha broke in to international limelight, few critics of Murali claimed that he was a road block for the next generation of spinners and another few suggested that all Murali's records would be broken by the new kid on the block. At that time I can remember Sangakkara diplomatically threw caution to the wind in one of his articles, in which  he suggested that its not just about starting with a big bang, but greatness lies in the ability to sustain and out fox batsmen for a prolonged period of time.

This attribute of being able to sustain to achieve greatness is not just limited to cricket, take for example film makers. Haven't we watched first time film makers presenting magic beyond comprehension and then fading away without any sign of trace. Haven't we seen novelist who had won accolades for their debut and then run out of steam and ideas to keep the readers enthralled.

This is not only applicable to the people who live in media limelight, the ability to sustain is important in each persons own life. Let it be a project, marriage, organization, initiative - remember greatness lies in sustaining. Have a great week!

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