Tuesday, November 1, 2011

African Cats

Fittingly when I was returning from Kenya ( after going on three safari's ) a few months back I watched the movie African Cats on the in flight entertainment system. I decided that I will be blogging about this, but I kept on thinking that if I am to write about it, I need to give it more time and write it properly. So that's how the procrastination begun and eventually it took all this time to write this "good for nothing" post about it.

It was more a narrated documentary than a movie. It was hard to think how they had done this, obviously you cannot direct and ask the animals to live their lives as per directors script. It should have been a few peoples lifetime of wild life documentation being nicely laced in to a story to make it flow. It shows all the emotions in the world including, sorrow, death, war, joy, motherhood, birth, tragedy, love you name it. For me its one of the best pieces of wild life documentary ever. I assure you its worth your time to watch this.

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