Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Online recruitment

Some time back I was representing my company on a certain bid and a few hours after I made the presentation,  I got a message from a competitor's HR department on linkedin which read as,

"We have a opening for a Professional. The job role will be to understand and respond to various RFI, RFQ and RFP.Regularly Interact with customers".blaa blaa

First I assumed it was just pure co-incidence, but then when I got the second message I was sure that it was not a coincidence and I realized the level of competition in this domain can go down to?!

From that day I had been observing with interest, how companies are positioning themselves online and doing successful online recruitment. In this regard I find alot of them being very successful on Linked In. A general guideline says always try to recruit people who are currently happy at their present job and linkedin has become a medium through which companies are attracting people who are not on the hunt for jobs.

I had also seen recruitment efforts on facebook, but from what I had seen the level of resourcing via facebook as of now is only entry level position. Facebook's purpose, structure and mentality doesn't allow such information to proliferate at the rate of speed it does on linkedin.

The other option is twitter, which strangely has a awkward behavior since it has both the top level segment and the entry level segment. BUT it depends on the country of interest.  Twitter recruitment online in Sri Lanka - is questionable, but in other markets its practical, specially through companies cooperate twitter pages.

Online recruitment in present times had developed in to a fundamental qualification for any HR professional. So get on twitter, facebook and importantly linkedin if you are into recruitment.

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