Monday, November 7, 2011

Android in a ........'s hand

There is a Tamil idiom  which says ""குரங்கின் கை பூமாலை"" when directly translated it says "when a garland is in a monkeys hand". Today I almost felt like a step slower in evolution when I had a nexus google S phone in hand. Started playing it with and ended up playing with it for well over two hours. It was sleek, clean and it was clear that the touch technology had come to age when compared to the HTC Viva that I have.

Although it was not my phone I wanted to try the features so I added my gmail account to the market place and was happily downloading applications - mind you the free ones. It was nice and really handy, and wanted to show it to my sister who had decided to buy one of this. But at the end of the session I wanted to remove my gmail account from the phone to hand it back. I went around and around to remove it and ultimately found a place where the menu said remove account, but then it said - please go and reset factory settings to remove the email account. So I ended up re-setting the factory settings to remove the email account attached to the phone. I couldn't stop comparing how usual customers will ask for such flexibility in system to change accounts, user names and every other thing but even in the scale of Google, product do come with limitations and people shut up, buy and use it. All the power of being big or is it the power of positioning! But then on second thoughts I think its a move to be coherent Google's strategy to move to cloud based Chrome OS in near future.

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