Friday, June 3, 2011

Bring back undisturbed hours

One of the things I never compromise on is my sleep. I always make sure that I get my daily quota of sleep ( I know few people are jealous about this ). There are days in which I have to travel and my sleep gets scattered. I would get to sleep for an hour or two and then woken up by an announcement or switch or because the guy seated next want to take a walk. On days when sleep gets scattered, when I add up to see the total time I would have spent on sleeping, it is higher than the usual sleeping time. Importantly on days on which, I had got disturbed very often even after spending more time sleeping I feel tired and drained. This apparently happens due to the absence of deep sleep.

Similarly now I have come to realize why most of us are more productive when we work from home, morning hours and weekends. Most of the office hours are like my days of scattered sleep, its made up of calls, unplanned chit chats, someone else on messenger suddenly gossiping, email on some other topic, then the lunch break, tea break, roll break, eclair break, followed by wanting to get home on time, ah then I almost forgot the most important thing, the need to know what others had said on facebook or buzz.

Each of this is a distraction from task at hand, it prevents us from going deep into the problem, after each distraction we start fresh and when we are still scratching the surface the next distraction will arrive in fully packaged format looking very attractive than the work at hand. Just like sleep these distractions impact on the productiity levels and as a consequence end up spending more time. As usual the human mind forgets the reason for the rut we have got into and blames it on too much work!

I wish that someone brings back the undisturbed hour slots back! This time I am all for it. Specially after recording my own time for the last month and analysing it, I have started to believe in the importance of undisturbed hours to get submerged in deep thought period of time to succesfully get the task done in optimal time!


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  2. What's with blogger today? I posted once, but then it showed two comments. When I deleted one now both are gone.

    Anyway, what I was saying was, yes we know you have way too many distractions.