Saturday, June 11, 2011

Great Comeback!

An eight point deficit from the home leg, loosing the following weeks game to Pathana, pitted against the only unbeaten team of the season in their home territory and the looming threat of loosing the Bradby Shield for the third time on the trot, this was the context in which the Trinity team walked in to this game. Being a Trinity fan heart said "Trinity" but the head said "given the context, its the epitome of optimism".

The boys in the red, yellow and blue jersey had other ideas, from the kick off they stormed the Royal den with one of the finest exhibitions of open rugby ever by a Trinity team at a Bradby Shield encounter, at least for me it was the finest display by a Trinity team from all the Bradby shield matches I had watched over the last 22 years ( damn it! I am old). It was epic to beat a high riding team by 40 points to 5 in a come back game! Its one of those days which comes very rarely, where everything a team touches turns into gold. The script was perfect, Trinity team was all over the park, the line was not afraid to spin the ball wide with cut out passes, instead of the butter the guys had in their fingers during the first leg this time around they seemed to have glue,  the jumpers were stealing the Royal throw ins, the pack was bringing down the heavy Royal forwards without much ado, the Trinity kicker was suddenly looking like Jonny Wilkinson and on the other hand the ever reliable Royal kicker for once seemed to have left his kicking boots at home! While watching the match I was pinching myself a few times it was indeed a dream match and Haren articulated the feeling perfectly on facebook  when his status read "is living the sweetest Bradby dream...!!!"

Credit should be given where its due, the captain, the team and the support staff should be showered with accolades for making the boys believe in the Trinity Spirit to make the greatest comeback in the history of Bradby! You guys had just created history and added a new chapter to the rich Trinity folk lore. Anyway lets not take anything away from the Royalist, both teams played clean rugby and in both legs there wasn't even a single yellow card shown!  Message to the Royalists, you guys are a good team but sorry it was not your day. Although you guys lost the Bradby to its rightful owners, make sure you guys win the next league games and take the league championship!

In case you are wondering who I am and what my rugby "credentials" are click here to read my earlier post ;)

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