Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Knowledge can be imparted on others but not wisdom

I used to think that all knowledge can be gained and if you have the knowledge you can be sailing. Its just in recent times I really understood whats meant by wisdom and why its different from knowledge. Wisdom is more a quality which is intangible and derived from experience (it doesn't mean age). The value of wisdom and the fact that it cannot be imparted on someone else is something that I have learnt the hard way.

When I started on my job I tried a lot of different tools and techniques out of which some were successful and others failures. Today after a few years of practice I guess I have a wee bit of wisdom on what I do and when I observe a fresher going along the same path of failure I took, I used to think that I need to tell them and save them from falling in to the same trap. I tried it a few times and I failed to convince them in most cases, I used to kick my heal and wonder why I cannot stop them from repeating the same mistake.

Then recently I was reading Siddhratha by Hermann Hesse, where in a beautiful scene where the mentality of a worried father when his child is making the same mistakes father made years back is discussed. A ferry man explains to the worried parent that "Would you actually believe that you had commited your foolish acts in order to spare your son from committing them too? And could you in anyway protect your son from Sansara? How could you?"" This made me realize that wisdom gained cannot be imparted and what I should do is let them also realize some hard learnt facts by experiencing it themselves by trying the options! Its been a lesson for life.

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