Friday, June 24, 2011

The first current

Once upon a time there was a 5 yeary old kid who used to sit at a side and watch his elder siblings play/learn electronics by creating small circuits. They didn't involve the little man, since he was too small and was adviced to keep away from this stuff till he grows up. He observed his elder siblings light up LED bulbs and other pen light bulbs using small batteries. He always wanted to lay his hands on this and do his own experimentation. He didn't have any intention of waiting years to grow up and then learn it. So he watched them finish their stuff and put it away and get involved in some other activity. Then picked the light bulb circuit and decided to be smarter than his siblings and decided to use a better electricity source. He inserted the two wire ends, usually kept to connect to the batteries, in to the plug point and switched on the electricity! The bulb burst out and the spark left a big scar on the wall but miraculously the kid didn't get hurt.

Parents came home found the chaos in the room and decided to disable all plug points at the ground level and mother who was about buy a gas cooker the following week said, I will not buy it till this culprit grows up. (Wonder whether she has a gas cooker

This is one of those stories doing the rounds with yours truly's name tag, so I opted to put it up before someone else mentions about the 'rumour'

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