Saturday, June 25, 2011

Love thyself

தன்னைத் தான் காதலன் ஆயின் எனைத்து ஒன்றும்
துன்னற்க தீவினைப் பால்

The above is a a piece of wisdom from thirukkural, when loosely translated, it says "One who loves thyself will not commit evil deeds  even in its smallest form". Some experts also interpret is as along with karma and almost make it sound as an interpretation of preempting "what goes around, comes around". Others tread a more controversial path in interpretation where they say one who is selfish in an ideal world should keep away from evil deeds even in it smallest form and the reason they being good is not that they have any feeling for common good of everyone but love for themselves.

Come to think of it, who is not selfish and doesn't selflessness actually originate from a selfishness. Issues is we pick half the message from this and take the part which says "Love thyself" or in its extreme form "be selfish" and forget the second stanza.  Did someone say we hear what we like to hear!

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