Sunday, June 12, 2011

The right name

~ Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language ~ Dale Carnegie.

What I am about to write may sound as if I am encouraging the people who are full of themselves, but then deep inside who isn't? Unless you tell me that you are close to Nirvana. I believe that each of us would have searched our name in google at least 10 times, would have read any write up mentioning good about us at least twice and  at a  gathering where merits are announced listen attentively to hear our own name. When the US released video of Osama watching TV and switching channels to see himself being mentioned, it just proved the point again, it was indeed a natural human tendency irrespective who you are to have a liking to hear your own name!

From childhood we had been trained to respond when our name is called and its one of those things that get stick with the mind for life.One of the easiest way to make a child angry is to twist his name and do a bit of name calling. This is one of the popular forms of taunting among any set of children since it generates quick results by making the other angry and disturbed. Name is one of the first attributes that get close to the heart of any individual!

The purpose of this explanation is not to make people go search for their name or  become full of themselves, but to remind the importance of calling a person by the right name. If you want to win over person, call their name in the way they like. If you are doing customer communication make it a point to remember the customers name. If you are writing a mail to someone and if you write the name wrong or with a spelling mistake its a cardinal sin! I actually missed to include this point in the tips for writing official mails post so thought that it deserves a post by it self. Click here to read the earlier post.

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