Monday, June 6, 2011

Victoria Dam - A different angle

I had one big reason to not to write about this place, but unfortunately its one of the days in which I had run out of ideas, so left without an option. The reason why I hate to write about it is that, their are few who claim that Teldeniya as "Kandy 7" and keeps on boasting, I cannot unfortunately write everything about the place in public since it will be insulting for the whole of Kandy too. Anyway one thing that I cannot deny is that the place is beautiful and the crown jewel of the town is the Dam.

The dam is the largest hydro electric power plan in the country and the sight of it with the flood gates fully opened during the monsoon seasons is quiet a treat to watch! Since its an arch shaped dam usual pictures you  would have seen would clear show the curve. The picture below is a bit different and taken from a face on angle from a hill near the golf course near by. It show the damn nicely nested within the mountain range.

Victoria dam

Below is a picture of sun setting over the picturesque dam.



  1. Oiy "Teldeniya" is not Kandy 07, It's Pallekele... ;)

  2. Nice pics, especially the second.

  3. @Ishara..oops sorry I missed your Kandy 7 comment..I was waiting for u to comment :P

    @JackPoint Thanks