Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Haven't mobile intruded my life?

The other day I was seated at a public place without having anything to do and was observing the people around. I was surprised to see that about 80% of the people were pre-occupied with their phones and it seemed dangerously contagious , each new person who walked in sat down and within a few minutes pulled out the phone and was plucking away the keys on it.

Irrespective of the type or model of the phone they carried, all had something to do on it, calling, texting, gaming, surfing, mailing etc. I am sure most people didn't even notice who was next to them or what was going around them and fully absorbed into the mobile. Then I realized the reason for my boredom was because my mobile had run out of charge and I was going through bit of a withdrawal symptoms. When I get isolated it has become a natural progression to take the mobile out and just pointlessly do something on it. It just dawned on me that by staring on a 2X1.5 inch screen I had been missing a lot of things happening around in a full 360 degree space around. The self realization made it easier for me to come out of the initial withdrawal symptoms. My phone which went out of charge at that time never recovered and now officially pronounced dead, for a change I am enjoying life without my personal phone, no calls to attend, not texting to do and I have more time for myself and enjoy whats around!

I challenge you guys to try it for a day and see the effect. Switch off your phone for a day and make sure you don't touch it at least once. Initial few minutes/hours might be a challenge (like in trying to come out of any addiction) there after you would enjoy a "blissful"(as one of my friends put on facebook) life.

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