Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Green story!

Today is the world environment day (5th of June). Today is the day in which media channels picks up stories about environment, the celebrities would get out of their usual routine and show support for environmental awareness and school children will be asked to plant trees. I am not complaining about it, I am happy about this happening at least once a year and wish and pray that out of what is spoken about today at least a fraction is implemented to help the cause.

green school service
Living the green way - A picture from Dhaka

From a cooperate perspective the green story was a fad during the recession, where each company wanted to champion the cause. When you looked at the news papers at that time it was clear how every cooperate suddenly started to care about being green. I wish and pray it really happens even now.

One of the best green initiatives that I had seen was at a hotel, where at every switch they had put up a notice about the damage we do the environment when we waste electricity, near the tap it details the impact caused by each liter of water wasted, it made me more cautious whenever I use all those. Out of curiosity I asked them whether they are making any real savings from the campaign and I was told that particular hotels bills are are almost 1/3rd when compared to another hotel of the same scale! It actually goes to show how you can be green and make a realistic saving instead of making a fad and marketing hype.

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