Saturday, June 4, 2011

Is moral cleansing a government responsibility?

Over centuries pundits had been arguing over "which is the righteous way of living" and which religious teaching is better than the other, but still there is no agreement on this and I don't expect to see an agreement in foreseeable future too. There is a popular saying that there had been more wars fought in the name of religion than any other! Some may argue on this but if you read between the lines, in some cases where religion might not be the primary reason but it at least makes it as a secondary factor for the war. My issue is when these are the credentials righteousnesses of morality can boast of, how can anyone decide what is right!

I for one believe that if the government wants to morally cleanse the society first they need to go find out which it the rightmost way of living and get an agreement on it. People who run countries can have their own values and beliefs but they should understand that it doesn't necessarily mean that others agree. Being part of a government doesn't mean that the society at large has entrusted them with the duty of morally cleanse them. I believe if a person wants to get moral cleansing they him or her self would goto a teacher of choice and get the learnings. The governments anyway have too many other things to focus on like infrastructure, debt, education etc etc which are the usual things a citizen like me want them to focus and don't expect them to waste time on moral cleaning.

There are governments ( some designated by constitution itself) have entrusted upon themselves the responsibility of upholding the cultural and religious interests and as a result having moral cleansing as the primary objective of governance.  Recently a friend of mine observed something nice, he said look at all the countries which boast about moral cleansing, culture and civilization are in dire straights, they are not even being able to feed their own people but want the people to live as per the holy texts!

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  1. Quite right, governments have no role to play in morality.

    They need to stick to what they are supposed to do which is the provision of common services, which would otherwise be neglected.