Monday, June 13, 2011

profile picture

In the cyber world having a profile picture has almost become a must. Knowing my inherent weakness whenever I posted a profile picture I made sure that the portrait picture didn't show my face ;) (now that's a patented trick so don't use it without paying royalty to yours truly)

reflections and shadowson the look outThe pictures on the left were my earlier attempts of having a profile picture. In the economy of facebook the 1st picture on the left was up for about two months and earned 2 likes and the 2nd picture on the left earned a solitary like and 2 sarcastic comments.

Last weekend JK passed to me a picture posted below. This took at Demodara and I made it the profile picture. To go by the facebook economic indicators it got 19 likes and 8 comments within two days!

friend and me

I guess JK should take up a career in photography, specially for taking a picture of me and make it earn so many likes. :P.


  1. The important question is if you are getting the 'likes' or if the dog is getting them....

  2. Sayya who is the dog in the pic .. :) just kidding man .. that means people like to see your arse than your face ... ane manda...

  3. It slipped you guys, didn't it. But see, the dude's wearing shoes, probably ones with laces even!