Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Interesting African Murals

I captured the following set of murals at the crocodile farm in Nairobi. Each mural depicts a deep meaning connected with the history of Kenya and the atrocities/challenges the local communities had faced  over the years.

Mural 1: Human crocodile conflict

human croc conflict

The picture talks about the flooding and as a result crocodiles intruding into human territory and the fatalities which occurred due to this. It depicted as if the flood has a head of a crocodile.

Mural 2: Slavery


One of the greatest insults in the history of human beings is the slavery. History says African's were used as slaves and the mural shows them being captured by Arabs and being taken to be sold. The scars of slavery and discrimination has left a bad taste on the minds of those communities. They claim that in modern day too slavery exists but it has taken different forms and its not spoken about since most if it is not done publicly now.

Mural 3: gun and love


An ironic portrait showing a preacher with the holy text in one hand and the gun on the other trying to preach the holy text to ancient people.

Mural 4: The Tsavo Lions


During the English era, they built the railway line from Uganda to Kenya to be used for easier trade related transport. For this purpose they had to clear miles of dense jungles. Inorder to get this done they brought down people from India to employ their labor. During that period two mail lions reportedly attacked and killed scores of workers (mostly Indian). These lions were supposedly Tsavo lions and they have distinct differences from usual lions. Most are said to be really good at hunting, bigger in size and sometimes the male lions are maneless.

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