Monday, October 31, 2011

Going Viral with Innovation

I am down with flu, the last time I got flu I made sure that I shared it with everyone I met. Now this time I am wondering how I would perform. ;) Ah its not just the diseases which are contagious.

I remember as a kid I started to read books because people around me were fond of reading and all of them had more knowledge to brag about. Importantly I was taken up by their the ability to quote from books in conversations, I didn't want to be left out, so I started to read. Like wise I had observed in communities habits going viral, illustrious list of examples include reading, tweeting, blogging,  revolutions, uprisings, patriotism,  protests, technology and surprisingly even innovation!

My thinking and interest in recent days has been on creating a culture of innovation since it could be the catalyst for social revival. I am trying to see what are the factors needed to nurture innovation. Surprisingly I keep on coming back to the point that "Even innovation being very contagious". Take Silicon valley for example, while reading Steve Job's autobiography I was tempted to read more about Silicon Valley's history, In this case , unknowingly the military industry served as the incubator for the technology companies which would eventually snow ball to create the industry which would come out with innovations to change the world forever!

To foster innovation people need sources for inspiration, just like I took up reading after seeing people around read and quote, innovation to become a culture should have role models whom you can look up to as inspiration. Even an innovator in the Caliber of Google's CEO needs inspiration, he says that whenever he needed innovation he didn't have to look beyond Palo Alto!

But luckily technology has taken out geographic constraints, inspirational characters doesn't have to be living on the same street or Valley. You can transcend oceans but still inspire communities and generations. In an effort to create a culture of innovation I believe technology can be used positively and  change the lives of people forever. Using technology its possible to create an artificial incubator to foster this cultural transformation. Keeping this belief in mind, keep on reading this blog, very soon I would become WE and when the time is right WE would make some announcements. In our own pursuit to do our little

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