Thursday, October 6, 2011

Saraswathy Poojai

The other day I was on a call with a Nepali friend and the person said that Vijayathasami falls on the 6th of October and till then they are on Holiday! Its Dasara and its a TEN day holiday! At that moment it stuck to me, how much disconnected I am with our culture, till I was reminded by my friend, I honestly didn't know that navarathri has started.

This brought back memories of my childhood where Navarathri more precisely Saraswathi poojai out of all the celebrations was the most integral part of our family. We lived at College quarters and when we were small father was the master in charge of the Hindu Students' movement, hence our home used to become the focal point of activity with School boys and teachers coming and attending to the preparations for the grand show. Since I moved out of the kindergarten I was damn lucky and every year I would get some sort of chance to perform at the event and this most importantly gave me a free license to cut classes since having practices for the cultural show was considered a legitimate reason to keep away from class.

The memories of Saraswathy poojai are so found and I got to attend the festivities even before I had gone to year 1. From the days of being a toddler I had been around when all this happened, I can remember when I was really small, my sister used to be given the Role of Saraswathy and she would be performing this to perfection. In case if you are confused and wondering how come she acted at a Boy's schools cultural show, believe it or not she actually studied at College till year 4!

From those small days, all the way up to the last year of college, Saraswathy poojai was the most important annual event. Sadly here I am today seated here completely forgotten about it. Life has come a full cycle.

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