Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Should I get myself a Kindle FIRE?

Last week I had been thinking whether to pre-order a Kindle fire or not. I had a lot of points for it, unlike other tablets this is affordable for my purse, I am pretty confident about Amazon's ability to ship it to Sri Lanka, since I am a happy customer of Kindle this looks like a natural progression.

I was tempted to this and almost did a pre-order but then I stopped to check the features and compare with other tablets and found two things to be missing,
1. Camera
2. 3G

I am not a fan of camera's in tablets in laptops and tablets. I am actually glad that it doesn't have a camera. But not having 3G is indeed a big weakness for me. Specially when I travel I wouldn't mind getting a data enabled SIM and plugging it and using it. On the other hand wifi is good but then to the parts of the world which I travel to, wifi is not to be found.

So now I had almost concluded that I will survive another year with my existing kindle and laptop combination and wait for the next generation of Kindle or an affordable version of Samsung Tab.

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