Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gone All black

If I don't write about the All Blacks win I am sure I would rot in hell. Anyway its a different story that people say that I already have a reserved room in hell. When I was a kid when looking at all the teams it was quiet natural to become an All black supporter. I am sure like millions around the globe I was attracted to the haka and from then onwards had always liked them. Also looking at the pattern, as a kid I had been very stereo typical and been supporting the winning teams :D In football Brazil, in cricket West indies and then of course the All blacks. On seconds thoughts I think more than the winning habit its their flair that I like.

Anyway coming back to the topic, thanks to Sach I had the 'infrastructure" to watch the WC matches while being in Colombo. Although I had some work to complete I made sure that I found 2 hours to watch is while being at office.

For some reason I had this eerie feeling that AB was going to choke. I couldn't stop comparing AB with the South African cricket team. When Weepu was missing those penalties I was already feeling that the momentum was swinging the other way and then when he lazily booted it I was almost sure that he had kicked away the world cup. Felt as if he was almost doing a Hershchelle Gibbs in the middle. Last 15 minutes it almost looked like the writing was on the wall for ABs, I am sure a few journalists would have even started to contemplate on the headlines for the next day and I am sure CHOKE would have been a main contender. But then someone up above decided that justice should be done and AB deserve a cup and the single point gap stayed, and after 24 years the cup is with the rightful owners.

must watch this,

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