Friday, October 28, 2011

Naming THE City

At university we used to have supplementary courses which we can take to cover up the number of credits. So I applied to take Econ, but I never intended to go for lectures for that course. People who went for lectures came and said there is this pro outspoken anti rag lecturer who does the lectures and its a good laughing session.

So out of curiosity I opted to go for it on one bright saturday. As usual he was on full song, we anti raggers had a time laughing. But out of all what he said and taught what I remember with absolute precision is the question he asked at class, " Name the city in Sri Lanka, which produces the most number of idiots?!" At that time I was clueless. But he started to explain, he quoted a few politicians out of that area and highlighted the fact that they manage to get such high percentage of preferential votes in that place despite of their dubious profiles.

Today I came to fort and was intending to travel to Kandy. There was a delay due to a derailment of another train and I watched the people travelling to that place again exhibiting intelligence. Letting all the empty trains heading to their city to pass by and waiting for an hour to Jam pack the long distance trains. But then how can I expect rational thinking, after all they had decorated and continue to celebrate the biggest clowns in politics.

Since attending the lecture everytime I pass this place in train I remember the lecturers words of wisdom and everytime I check the preferential votes of ther election results I remember him. I feel that they are hell bent on living up to their reputation. I had given enough clues to find the city, hence I leave it as a quiz to the reader to name this city. ;)

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  1. A city where they voted for an actress because the character she played in a teledrama was having a hard time?

  2. hahaha absolutely can keep on listing their achievements