Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Value of graphical notes

Up to now whenever I wanted to write notes I always took down notes in words. I am bad at drawing and thought that drawing were too childish so never opted for that.

First time I realized that graphical notes than text notes were better was when I was reading the Head first series book on design patterns. It was much more easier to remember those cartoons than rows of texts and the interpretations of it. From last week I started to do the ai-class and to my surprise the site has published "Highlighted student work" and its a set of notes in http://larvecode.tumblr.com/tagged/ai-class. An excellent piece of representation of the lectures in a visual form. I am not doubting that a picture is worth a thousand words!

btw This online learning experience is turning out to be fun and I feel that the dons had just given a new twist to university education.

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