Friday, October 21, 2011

Photographers story

My CD shop dude has this peculiar ability to pick films of my taste. From all the people whom I had associated with, he probably has the highest success rate in recommending films and say, "your type of film". I didn't get to visit him for a while and about three weeks back I went to visit him, he had got the copy of the film "The bang bang club" for me. I didn't ask him for it, I never knew that a film by that name exists and unlike in the case of Tamil films, I do not regularly take English films. But still he wanted me to take this and watch it. I agreed and took it with me.

When I had the copy with me, my brother said its a good film and said they used the film as a discussion topic for professionalism vs humanity debate ( or something similar to that) as part of his masters program. This made me even more curiosity. Finally I sat down to watch the movie and it was indeed a good movie. It didn't try to overtly project heroism and showed more about reality and a lot of food for thought.

while watching this film I remembered what happened in Katmandu, quoting from that post,

"The ardent reader picked another gem from the book, he said that taking pictures of this site is considered a shameful act. Yes very correctly I did realize that just because I had a camera I should not be taking pictures everywhere. I made sure that I deleted all the pictures I took from a distance, specially associated with cremation and learnt the lesson for life."

read my full past post here.

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