Friday, October 7, 2011

Thank you - Steve Jobs

Up to now I hadn't had any product from Apple which I could call as mine. I had flirted with the idea of buying many times but has always opted for cheaper alternatives, since it couldn't fit my purse. Although I had never used a product from Steve Job's company I had through out been a huge fan of him. Irrespective of how busy I am, I would always stop to watch his presentations, read articles about him and read books about him.

Presentation secrets of Steve Job's, written based on his presentation preparation techniques is my Bible whenever I want to prepare for an important presentation. Every time I make a presentation I always wish that I could make a presentation as well as him. He is the man who transformed the boring technical presentations into a very exciting exercise. He didn't stop at that, he managed to create a cult like following for his presentations and products.

A few months back I sat and watched his first ipod presentation again. I watched with awe the way in which he manages to instill in mind the positives of the product while completely hiding away the minuses of the product. For me he is not an inventor but he is the greatest business visionary of our generation, simply the best IT marketer who embodied himself to be the biggest marketing tool of Apple.

Till the last day I do presentations to people, he would always be my icon! Sir, Thank you for the lessons!

Ps: Ironically I am paying tribute to the genius using a blackberry. But then if someone gives me a iphone for free (since that's the price I paid for this blackberry), I would throw this and use it for sure ;)

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  1. He invented 'Personal' computing and smart phones/blackberries although not invented by him are resultants of his vision.

  2. If I am not mistaken there were personal computers before him and there were touch based smart phones too. But they were not commercially successful till he took it on to his own hands. Anyway it can be argued on this line too.

  3. Hence the quotes on Personal. PC wouldn't be very 'personal' if not for him