Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tribute to Buzz

Today Google has announced the shut down of Google Buzz. I knew that it was not a hit as Google would have liked it to be, but still being probably a small segment of users who had continued to use it, obviously it will be missed.

What I liked about Google Buzz was is that it was not really a social networking tool but more a sharing tool and my office crowd used it extensively. We used to use this as a quick information sharing tool. Even today on the day which they had announced the obituary of the tool, I found 8 quality posts in Buzz, where as on facebook , to tell the truth I couldn't find anything important and then of course Google+ was more for banter with my 'friends'. Given the choices of migration to another sharing tool, I think probably Google+ for now looks an inevitable option. Only time will tell.

I think another thing that Google can do is when they release a new tool they can probably can send it to us, if we like it, then the tool will be a flop externally. First it was Google Wave and now the Buzz. The correlation is striking ;)

1 comment:

  1. Still missing google wave is a regret ... Guess our team used it as efficient as any other wave fanatics ... Missing buzz isn't that bad ... time being G+ is an alternative for buzz ... but I can see it getting rubbished day by day!