Monday, January 30, 2012

locally unknown impending oil 'crisis' and a simple solution

Its ironical that you find out certain details about your own country from foreigners. Yesterday when travelling I picked up the Khaleej Times to kill some time and I found this article about a possible oil crisis in Sri Lanka in the even of US sanctions on Iran. You can read the full article by  clicking here

I have no idea how true this is but if the facts are true it seems as if its a bit of a major threat and our arms might be twisted due to this weakness. Having a not updated 60's built oil refinery made for a specific type of Iranian oil might sound very surprising for  foreigners, but for we Sri Lankan's, when did we speak about contingency plans and come have a look we have even barely updated train systems built in the 30's, still life goes on.

Plus the journalist has made a mistake by assuming that increasing the oil prices will create a crisis, you got it wrong as long as the cricket team can keep on winning matches it will not create a crisis. So we need to find the formula to win matches and the solution is we need to find the next Murali to solve the oil crisis.

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