Sunday, January 29, 2012

My day and Chak de India!

Some of these long haul flights gives a lot time in absolute solitude. Its usually books, contemplating and in very unique cases films. I am still stuck with Steve Job's autobiography, where as usually I somehow manage to finish books, this one I had been reading for the last 4 weeks or even more.

So during the first leg of the flight I was in a confuse state of mind on which phone to buy, so didn't feel like reading. After an hour of analysis I told myself I don't need a phone and specially one which would cost a lot of my savings. Thought about the priorities and the idea of buying the galaxy note disappeared in to the foot note of priorities. Then I switched on the entertainment system to find a bit old Hindi movie "Chakde India". It was predictable but the acting and script could spur some very internal emotion even for a non Indian.

I couldn't stop imagining the challenge a Indian Muslim sports men could face in the face of making an error in a game against India. For some reason I remembered Azarudhin while watching the movie, but probably his case was different. It was one of those Indian movies which was not theme on love and heroism. Better later than never, so I am happy that I accidentally bumped into a good movie.

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