Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Story of the dead trees

There is this 'friend' of mine who has peculiar habit of taking pictures of dead trees ( I called it காஞ்ச மரம் , but I am being told that it should be called as பட்ட மரம்  ). The person in question would grab someones camera and run to take the pictures of trees. Out of curiosity today I asked why that person likes dead trees so much, I was given a lengthy explanation about it, I am listing the highlights of the explanation on chat.

v: i feel those trees have a lot to tell
me: like?
v: they have faced so much in life happiness sad, frustrations and satisfactions
me: oh
v: and so on and they r still beautiful to me even though they dont have leaves , fruits
v: oooo
v: i feel like they still enjoy, like dancing. Since they don't have the leaves with them u can see the actual body of the tree. When you take o photos of the tree with the sky you can see how beautiful it is
and the truth is that. I some time feel like our dancing god -nadaraja
பட்ட மரம்
கலைந்த கூந்தல்
தூக்கிய பாதம்
விரிந்த கைகள்
me: wow
v: and one more info
v:  முடிவுக்கு தயாராகும் வேளையிலும் அவை வானத்தை பார்த்து சிரித்த படி
பூமியில் ஊன்றியபடி .....simply brave and happy!

I am wondering "ஒரு பட்ட மரத்தில இந்த அளவு லாஜிக் இருக்கா?"
all rights of the above chat are reserved by v! posted with permission from v.

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